Compelling Landing Page Copy Equals Conversions

Have you ever walked past a car showroom with no intentions to walk in. But suddenly, that shiny new car sitting on a (literal) pedestal caught your eye, and you caught the car salesman’s eye and before you knew it you were driving home with that overpriced trophy wondering what just happened?

 What just happened was that you got ‘closed’ by that “genuine, honest, and no hard-sell” salesman. What he did was to utilize the power of words to speak to your psyche on a level that you don’t even fully comprehend. That’s the kind of power that words have. Relationships have been made and broken with words, wars started and ended with words, and with words alone, people have made or lost millions of dollars.

What if I told you that you could utilize the same powerful words to ‘close’ your audience? No, I’m not asking you to film a video of yourself (although that would be extremely powerful if done right). All I’m asking you to do is to come up with persuasive words in written form on your website. Many people underestimate the persuasive power of words in its written form. They fail to see that if done right, it can be even more powerful than converting someone through speech.

Today we will be talking about copywriting on your landing page, so buckle up!

 Landing Page Copywriting

So you’ve gotten the magical clicks that your business sorely needs. Those clicks even came relatively cheap! You start to reward yourself for getting those cheap clicks by kicking back, relaxing, and cracking open a cold one, but WAIT. People are streaming into your website but they aren’t buying anything? Why’s that?

You can have the most qualified audiences coming into your website, but if your website copy is bland, boring, or even rude, people aren’t going to buy from you (imagine the car salesman making you feel bored. You’re not going to buy that car are you?). You have to make it exciting, fun, relevant, and COMPELLING!

So how exactly are you going to do that?

KISS (Keep, it, Simple, Stupid)

It’s a very old acronym in the marketing scene, and it fits perfectly for landing page copy (People tend to overcomplicate things!). There is a finite amount of space to explain what you are offering, so use short sentences and write as if your audience are kids. Your copy should:

  • Be clear and relevant to your audience.
  • Focus on your audience and their benefits.
  • Use second-person point of view in your copy.
  • Be specific and use different themes, tones, and tactics to test your copy.

AIDA (Attention>Interest>Desire>Action)


Your copy should always lead your audience to the next segment of what you want to say. To start, you need to get their attention. Something that excites your audience, and makes them look this way (much like the shiny BMW that caught your eye). It could be an amazing feature of your product or service, or you calling out your audience, or even a tasteful joke. Once you have got your audience’s attention, you need to quickly send them to the next segment of your copy.


Once you have gotten their attention, you need to hold it through interest. Start to tell your audience about the benefits that your service or product offers. Talk more about benefits than features – remember, “Features tell, but benefits sell”.  Get your audience more and more interested as they read. Speak to their emotions and feelings, not their logic. Once they are interested in your product or service, we can move them to the next segment.


Once you have piqued their interest, you need to turn it into desire. Make them feel like they can’t live without your product even if it may not make sense that they NEED it. Make your audience WANT your product or service. How do you do that? By removing barriers! Tell them about your 60 day money back guarantee, show them social proof of other people just like them who have benefitted from your products or services, offer an instalment plan for the less financially blessed, and even draft a FAQ that answers all the important questions. Once the barriers have been lifted, people will be much more willing to part with their money. Once all that’s done, we move to the most exciting part of the copy.


Once your audience is burning with desire to purchase your product, don’t just sit there! Tell your audience to take action now/today or they won’t be able to take advantage of the amazing offer you just put in front of them. Have a well-designed, well thought out Call-To-Action (CTA). From here on, it will just be to reduce buyer friction so your audience makes it to the checkout page.

While there are a hundred more things involved in getting your audience to convert, everything mentioned above is definitely a good blueprint to get you moving in the right direction.

Stay tuned to us as we drop more value in the coming weeks!

Happy hunting!