Social Media Marketing case study for Local Businesses – (1)

DISCLAIMER: All currency units in this post have been converted from Indonesian Rupiah to USD for easy facilitation of information.

Recently we were contracted to help out a Hair Spa that targeted English speaking expats in Indonesia.

As things were, it was tough to run a campaign for such a targeted audience but the kicker was that they had barely started 3 months ago. Basically, they had no clients and their Facebook page had literally 117 likes.

For starters, I proposed that my client do a 2-3 week giveaway.

After speaking to the owners over the phone on what would be a good prize for the giveaway, we decided to offer 2 blowout + 3 hair treatments for the year (This gives extremely high perceived value for customers).

Here’s how we set up the giveaway:

1. It was in a Facebook post. Instructions were to comment on why they should win that prize, and register their emails in a landing page.

2. After registering in the landing page, they would be taken to a custom-built “Thank you page” that included a step-by-step instruction set for the participant to finish their registration:

First step: Share the ad/post, and I had the link to the ad/post to do it directly from the “Thank you” page.

Second step: RSVP as interested or attending the Facebook event “Spa giveaway”. (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)

Third step: Verify their emails for my confirmation email sent right after opt-in.


Right after the viral giveaway had been set up and traffic started gushing in, I had three strategies in order to get people to make reservations.

FIRST STRATEGY: Email lead nurturing

I sent 9 email sequences to each registered participant.

At email 4, I would send them an offer for a 50 dollars hair treatment (Valued at $75)

RESULTS: 14 reservations

SECOND STRATEGY: Facebook Event Participants Nurturing

Part 1

I put up a post on the event page every single day for this giveaway.

For the first week, I promoted an offer of less expensive hair treatment (Value $39).

Every single day I posted about product and customer benefits, or other key features.

Our copywriting had to be very convincing to get the registrations.

RESULTS: 45 reservations

Part 2

We promoted a second offer on the second week. It was a bundle offer of hair cut + hair regeneration treatment (Value $69, promo $35). Again, we posted every day.

RESULTS: 56 reservations

3. Facebook fan page post / Retargeting ads

We also made Facebook posts for each of the offers 2 before each one expired

I made sure each post had really great and convincing copywriting (Key Point), and I made sure we had great images by utilizing professional photos of the patrons of the spa with their hair treatments. We selected the photos of happy looking patrons.

In addition to the Facebook Posts, we created an ad with a custom audience of people that had engaged with page in the last 20 days optimized for reach.

In order to track the conversions that came from the ads, your Facebook Pixel has got to be set up for your site! (Click this link to see what a Facebook Pixel is, and what it can do for you!)

RESULTS: 63 reservations.

And this is how we managed to make a total of 178 reservations as a direct result of our marketing efforts that we could track. There were still a lot of people turning up over the next 2-4 weeks with or without reservations, but they were probably people who came as a result of word of mouth from the people who came because of the promotion.  

Important things to take note of when doing these kind of campaigns:

– Make sure you can track each of the conversion sources. For this, I created different bitlys, as well as utilizing other UTMs.

– Make sure your copywriting is really convincing. If your copywriting does not connect with your audience, you can expect a low conversion rate.

– Facebook events and groups are a good way to lead nurture, because people get notified when you post, and Facebook doesn’t restrict your content as much as they do when you put out a Facebook Ad.

After 3 week or so, around 75% of the people who have made reservations have turned up. The ones that have not appeared have been called and gently reminded about rescheduling their appointments (Customer Service + Abandoned Cart – or in this case, reservations).

Considering the average ticket for a customer to be $40, we have made a total of $7120 dollars in potential ticket value, with a 75% turn up rate, $5340 for sure that client is getting in return for this 3 week campaign (with an ad spend of $500).

Imagine if their budget had been higher, and if they had the facilities to support that amount of traffic.